November 7

Google Jobs – Type of Jobs Available at Google

Google is a mammoth company, especially in the information sector. Almost everyone has seen videos of what it is like to work in Google. Google is a company where work is very informal. The company headquarters is radically different from other major companies in the world.

When working for Google, employees will have access to massage centers, creativity centers and even restaurants and cafes inside the company facilities. Some of the floors are even connected by slides, to allow the mostly young workforce to move around the office quite quickly.

google jobsIn addition to be able to work in a really cool workplace, employees at Google are also compensated very well, as Google only takes the brightest and smartest employees into their workforce. Below, we will give you a snapshot of the Google jobs that are typically on offer. If you think you can qualify for any of the Google jobs that are mentioned below, you should definitely go ahead and put your application in at this great company.

Google jobs are always available as the company has forayed into several industries. Apart from being a giant in the search engine industry, Google has also made its presence felt in the telecommunications industry with the Android operating system. It also has one of the fastest browsers in the world in the form of Google Chrome. In other words, Google jobs are always getting filled up like hot cakes as everyone wants to jump in on the Google bandwagon.

List of Google jobs

Administrative jobs

Just like all other companies, management at Google needs administrative assistants to organize meetings, attend to phone calls and carry out various other administrative tasks.

Business development jobs

Many of the Google jobs will pertain to roles where one will have to help the company expand its operations. Google is a multinational company and its business executives might have to travel extensively, to allow Google to set up business and operations in other countries.

Software engineering jobs

These are some of the most coveted and also the most difficult Google jobs to get. These Google jobs will also pay the highest. It is the software and algorithms that have allowed Google to reach where they are now. Software engineers are constantly being hired to tweak their search engines and also help design or improve their numerous cloud computing services such as Gmail, Google Docs etc.

Marketing jobs

Another set of Google jobs that are available in plenty are marketing and advertising jobs. Google makes a big chunk of their revenues by allowing advertisers to advertise on their search engine network. Marketing professionals will be given the responsibility to find new advertisers for the company.

User experience jobs

Google jobs will also offer jobs where a person will have to simulate user behavior, to gauge the effectiveness of a Google platform in question, whether it is Gmail, Google Docs, Google Ad Words or others.

Legal jobs

Google jobs will also require a steady stream of employees who are capable of taking up complicated and laborious legal work. Google is a company that will have to deal with plenty of privacy policies and end user licensing agreements that will require large teams to generate and improvise on.

Customer service jobs

Google jobs will also offer thousands of customer service positions. Since Google deals with customers, corporations and a wide range of other parties, they are always in need of customer service professionals who can represent the company in an apt manner.

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November 6

How to Work From Home?

Here are some interesting ways in which you can answer the question “how to work from home?”

How to work from home? Set up your own personal call center

Many companies are now hiring work from candidates to take care of their customer service. Some companies are just not happy with the quality provided by outsourcing services in other countries. As a result, they hire people in the U.S who have a college education or those who are able to meet some other specific eligibility requirements.

To set up a call center in your home, you will simply need to meet the eligibility requirements of the employer and will also need a workspace that is free of any background noise. Some of the companies that you can approach for such jobs are companies such as,, and a few others. Most of the companies that offer call center type jobs are those that will pay you by the minute. In other words, your paycheck will be determined by the exact amount of time you spend on the phone, interacting with customers, suppliers or whoever it is that the company requires you to talk with.

How to work from home? Sell your skills on freelancing sites

Do you have marketable skills such as writing, proof reading, graphic designing, data entry etc? If you do, there is no reason why you cannot monetize your skills by offering them as services on freelancer sites and classified sites. Most of the freelancer sites are teeming with thousands of business owners who are looking for people to do various tasks such as writing, proof reading, data entry work or any other jobs that can be delivery virtually.

To qualify for these online jobs, one will simply need to register on the freelancing site and then apply or bid on those jobs. Registration is usually free although users will typically have to pay a % of their revenue (about 2-5%), as fees to the freelancing sites, in return for access to job and project listings on their sites.

How to work from home? Sell your products online

how to work from homeIf you have a small business that you are desperately trying to expand, you can definitely try to set up a business online, thereby reaching a much larger audience than you previously did. It is quite easy to set up an e-commerce site these days and it will only be a matter of days before you are ready to accept credit cards through an online shopping portal.

You can also consider selling your products through popular auction sites such as, which gets millions of visitors every month.

How to work from home? Start your own blog

If you do not have products or services to sell and rather have business ideas and tips that you want to sell, you can definitely do so my creating a blog that you can then monetize with programs such as Google Ad sense or by selling e-Books that you create yourself. You can also use the traffic that comes to your blog and redirect them to relevant sites that sell relevant products and services, through an affiliate program that will reward you for each sale or lead that you provide.

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November 5

Australian Car Insurance Advice

Here are some important car insurance advice points that will allow you to procure auto insurance at affordable rates in Australia.

Compare car insurance packages before you sign up for one – car insurance advice

If your car insurance renewal date is coming up pretty soon, it would be a wise idea to start shopping around for better insurance packages that will allow you to pay lower premiums, while still offering all the coverage that is offered by your present insurer. If you are Internet savvy, you can easily obtain the quotes of at least 10 different auto insurance companies in less than half an hour, by researching the Internet. If you are not very Internet savvy, you can always pick up the phone to call for quotes. If you shop around, even a little bit, there is a very good chance that you will find something cheaper than your present insurance package.

Limit your car usage to receive lower premiums – car insurance advice

If you are one of those car owners who only uses the car for absolute essential purposes, you may be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge car owners less premium when their car has low mileage, in terms of miles covered in a certain time period. Also, eco friendly cars are charged lower premiums as they leave a smaller carbon footprint than non-eco friendly cars.

Keep a clean driving record to keep your insurance premiums low – car insurance advice

If you want your auto insurance to stay affordable, it is very important that you have a clean driving record. Speeding tickets and even parking tickets will begin to reflect in your insurance premiums that will increase as more and more violations take place.

Do you park your car in a garage? If yes, ask for a discount! – car insurance advice

car insurance adviceIf you didn’t know, your premiums on auto insurance may be lowered if your auto insurance company does not know that you park your car in a garage. This is especially true if you are paying for comprehensive auto insurance that will cover your car against theft. The simple logic behind this is that a car parked in a garage has a much lower chance of being stolen than a car that is parked on the street.

Buy the right kind of car – car insurance advice

The fancier your car, the higher the insurance premium is going to be. If you are really worried about the cost of car insurance, you must buy a car that is functional. Cars with big engines and high speed capabilities will often have premium insurance rates, especially when compared to budget cars.

Pay your premiums upfront to receive discounts on auto insurance – car insurance advice

If you are not strapped for cash, it might be a good idea to pay annual premiums, as opposed to monthly premiums. Insurance companies will charge you lower premiums when you pay upfront as they are able to receive a year’s cash flow in monthly premiums, all at once. Take advantage of this simple financial concept to receive a discount on your auto insurance package by paying annually.

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November 4

What is Car Insurance – The Basics of Car Insurance in Australia

Below, you will find a list of basic points about car insurance in Australia.

What is car insurance? The basics of Australian car insurance

Who is a candidate for car insurance in Australia? What is car insurance?

Anybody who drives a car in Australia will have to at least procure third party insurance. It is illegal to drive without third party insurance in Australia. However, by law, one need not necessarily sign up for comprehensive insurance policies that will award damages to the driver or to the cars that are involved in accident.

Australian laws only require that a driver should at least have third party insurance that will allow them to pay for damages to a third party person, who might become a victim of an accident that is caused by a driver on the road. A third party can be anyone from pedestrian, cyclist, other motorist or even a passenger in a car.

What kind of damages will car insurance cover in Australia? What is car insurance?

As mentioned earlier, auto insurance in Australia will cover damages to a third party as a bare minimum. If one had signed up for comprehensive car insurance policies, they will be awarded compensation by insurance companies that will pay for various damages such as compensation to cover injuries to third parties, compensation to cover damages to vehicles and also compensation to cover loss of pay due to missed work that might have been caused by an accident. When one signs up for specific covers, they will also be eligible for compensation to pay for losses that are sustained from theft, vandalism, fire and flooding of the cars as well.

What is the cost of car insurance in Australia? What is car insurance?

What is car insurance?The cost of car insurance in Australia will depend on a variety of factors. A person’s age, sex, gender and driving record will make an important impact on the amount of money they will pay as car insurance. Other factors that will be involved are area of residence, type of car, condition of car, safety features on a car and so on.

Generally, Australian drivers below the age of 25 will pay the highest premiums when it comes to car insurance as they are assumed to be risky drivers who do not have an established driving record.

How can one go about buying car insurance in Australia? What is car insurance?

One of the best ways to shop for car insurance in Australia is to look for insurance policies online. One can visit websites that will present the quotes from several different auto insurance companies, all at once. The quotes provided by car insurance companies in Australia can vary by a few hundred dollars, depending on market conditions, at any given time. Hence, it would always be prudent to get quotes from five different companies before signing up with one particular insurance provider.

Another factor that will affect the cost of car insurance in Australia is what is called as “excess”. Excess is the deductible that car owners will have to pay when they are compensated for the damages sustained in an accident. For example, car owner A can decide to pay an excess of $1,000 from his own pocket, towards compensation of accident damages. Car owner B can decide to pay only $500 as excess from his own pocket, in the event that he meets with an accident that will require a compensation claim. In the above example, car owner A will pay lower monthly premiums than car owner B.

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November 3

Guard Dog Training – Understanding The Basics

Many people who love both their family and dogs wish to have their pet as a guard dog that will protect the family against threats such as burglaries and unwanted intruders. However, guard dog training is not something that can be done overnight. It will take at least a few weeks to transform your household pet into a guard dog that will be responsible for protecting your family.

If possible, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help if you want to make your dog a guard dog. Professionals will have years of experience that will allow them to quickly understand the personality of your dog and then train them in a very specific way, so that they become good guard dogs. That being said, it is also possible for you to train your pet dog as a guard dog, right from your home, by using some of the techniques below. We have also given you some general pointers on what makes a good guard dog.

A high level of obedience training

Guard Dog TrainingIf you want to put the trust in your dog to become a guard dog, you must understand that it will require a high level of obedience training. Your dog must be able to respond to your every command, at whatever time you decide to use those commands.

If you want your pet dog to become a guard dog, it is absolutely imperative that your dog is quickly able to respond to commands such as “Sit”, “Stop”, “Heel” and “Stop barking”, among other things, without any exceptions. Another important aspect about basic guard dog training is that your dog should only accept commands from you, and maybe from your family members as well, if you want it that way. It should not accept commands from strangers. This will require some special training where you might have to involve a stranger to come over and give your dog some commands, and then basically instruct it to ignore such commands, unless they come from you.

Teaching your dog to bark at strangers

The basic duty of a guard dog is to begin barking as soon as it sees strangers or something unusual going on in your property. You can do this with the following technique. When your dog begins to bark when the postman or a delivery guy approaches your house, give him a treat and then tell him to stop barking. He will realize that he is being rewarded for notifying you of the stranger who walked up to the house. When a friend approaches the house, don’t reward your dog for barking. Just tell him to stop barking. Don’t scold him either. If you scold him, he might not bark at other strangers who walk up to your house. If you have certain people who come over to your house regularly, it will be a good idea to socialize them with your dog so they don’t go off into a barking spree all the time.

You must teach your dog to ignore other animals

You must make your guard dog understand that cats, birds and other dogs are not a threat. Dogs can easily get distracted by other animals that they might chase just for fun. If you want a good guard dog, you will have to train your dog to ignore other animals. You can do this with positive reinforcement. As an example, you should simply call on your dog when it goes away to chase a cat. When he stops chasing the cat and comes back to you, reward him with a treat and a lot of verbal praise. When he begins to see that you reward him for ignoring other animals, he will continue to ignore them on his own, paying more attention to the safety of your property.

Training your dog to attack

Though this is a fairly controversial subject, the fact of the matter is that a guard dog needs to be trained to attack intruders. It is highly recommended that you let professionals do this part as you don’t want your dog jumping on friends and family members who might be coming over for a friendly visit. You must remember that your dog will most probably be alone when it needs to attack intruders. Thus, he will not have the luxury of waiting for your command or having you by the side for his support. He must be trained well enough to not back down if the intruder just uses loud noises or aggressive gestures to ward off your dog.

Socialize your dog with family members

It is very important that all members of your family are friendly with your guard dog, if you plan on having one. If one or two members are not very friendly with the dog, the dog might consider them to be threats and then eventually attack them when they are not with you.

Popular breeds that are usually chosen as guard dogs

If you want a guard dog that means serious business, you can go for the Rottweiler breed, the Doberman breed and other aggressive and powerful breeds like the Mastiff, Bullmastiff, German Sheppard and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. You must however remember that these dogs require a high level of training, for them to be both a good guard dog as well as a good family pet.

If you want guard dogs that are of a manageable size but with good guard dog instincts, you can choose breeds such as Komondor, Puli and Kuvasz, that all have a good history of being good sheep dogs.

Risks associated with having a guard dog

Since dogs like the Rottweiler and the Pitbull are very powerful and capable of causing a lot of bodily harm, it is very important that you be aware of the risks that they pose.

Matching guard dog training with your dog’s temperament – This is not an easy thing to do. When you train a guard dog, you basically involve in guard dog training that will train your dog to see any unusual things as threats. Things like high pitched noises might be perceived as a threat by your dog. However, it needs to realize that high pitched noises coming from children who are just playing around is not a threat. There is always a risk that your dog doesn’t have the temperament to understand those kind of differences.

Adherence to laws – In some jurisdictions, having an aggressive guard dog can be tantamount to having a weapon. If your guard dog mistakenly injures someone or another animal, you could become criminally liable.

Insurance – Many insurance companies will turn you down if you have an aggressive guard dog. Some will be a little more accommodating if your are able to provide certificates that your guard dog is well trained.

General acceptance in society – If you are hunting for apartments, you can generally expect a lot of closed doors from many rental societies that will not allow you to have a guard dog in your apartment or property. Having training certificates might allow you to make a better case for yourself although it would still be a bumpy ride to find a landlord who is open to the idea of renting out to tenants that have a guard dog, especially if it is one of the bigger guard dog breeds.

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